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Aids health and fertility.

Totally waste free.

Highly palatable, yet hard enough to prevent over consumption.

Winter or summer use.

Manufactured with the most advanced blending plant in the UK using a patented process.

Packed in 20kg plastic buckets.






HIGH MAG - For dairy or suckler cows to help reduce the incidence of grass

staggers.  Early Spring, Summer and late Autumn.

HIGH PHOS - For sheep and cattle to maintain calcium/phosphorous ratio. Post calving - especially on silage diets.

SHEEP & COBALT - All year round sheep mineral.

PROTEIN ENERGY - Use late Autumn and Winter for beef and sheep.

Contains fish meal, urea and megalac. Introduce to sheep post tupping to maintain nutrition and embryo development.

PHOS AND ZINC - Designed for all stock at grass or winter diet.  Contains Zinc metalosate to help prevent foot problems and high cell counts.

DRY COW - High Magnesium/low Calcium with extra copper and trace

elements to help reduce calving difficulties and stimulate good lactation.

CALF SPECIAL - Designed for growing calves in Summer or Winter. Contains

extra Copper metalosate.

GLUCOSE - Ideal for sheep during late pregnancy and early lambing.  Highly available  energy source to bridge the energy gap between concentrate feeding and forage.  Helps reduce twin lams disease and assist lamb's viability.


Cattle one bucket per 20 head.

Sheep one bucket per 50 head.


Consumption will vary according to the numbers of buckets available per head, amount of other feeds or forage, age and production demand of stock.

Sheep    30-50g per day.

Growing Cattle 100-150g per day.

Dairy and Suckler Cows 150-200g per day.