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Live Yeast Culture

The Natural Performance Enhancer for Ruminants


boost bugs ......... naturally!


What is Biosprint?

Biosprint is a live yeast culture, a strain of saccharomyces cerevisiae BCCM/MUCL 39885. In ruminants Biosprint has the invaluable characteristic of being able to modulate and synchronise the protein digesting and cellulose digesting bugs in the rumen. This optimises feed efficiency and consequently animal performance and health. Biosprint is manufactured to human food grade standards with careful drying and packaging to protect product viability.


Effect of Biosprint

Scientific Proof




Beef Cattle


Improved live weight gain

Improves feed conversion efficiency

Effect of Biosprint Yeast on Liveweight Gain

Details of trials are available from Scotmin Nutrition Ltd

Increases Dry Matter Intake

.........more meat!

When to Feed Biosprint

Ideally suited to all TMR feed systems

High levels of starchy feeds (maize, wholecrop or cereal)

High concentrate: forage rations

Farmers Observed Benefits

"Animals more content and cudding well"

 Improved feed intakes

"Better carcass weight .... finished quicker"