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Special Offers and New Products


All offers apply to UK Mainland only.




A complementary feeding stuff for cattle containing



Protein           15%      Urea (58%of Protein)            3% Sodium            6%      Total Sugars (as Sucrose) 18%

Magnesium  7.5%      Oil         1%              Ash        39%


Plus usual trace elements and vitamins for suckler cows.


Intakes should be 200-500gms per head per day


Packed in 20kg Edible Cardboard Boxes to minimise waste.


Minimum order 1 Tonne       





are manufactured from the highest Quality ingredients


To give your stock maximum benefit they should

be made available at all times during Summer Grazing allow 1 Tub per 20 Cows or growing

young stock expected intake 100-150 Grams

per head per day.




Magnesium 8%  Phosphorus 4%  Calcium 8%  Sodium 4%


Cobalt 250 Mg/Kg


Iodine 500 Mg/Kg


Zinc 1400 Mg/Kg


Manganese 3000 Mg/Kg





Selenium 30 Mg/Kg Contains Protected Selenium


Copper 2000 Mg/Kg Contains protected Copper


Vit A 160,000 iu/kg


Vit D3 32,000 iu/kg


Vit E 250 iu/kg


Ingredients: Minerals and products and by-products of sugar production


Packed in 22.72 Kg tubs for ease of handling


Special Offer Price £12.00 per 22.72kg Tub minimum 44 tubs(1tonne)


£13.64 per 22.72kg Tub minimum 22 tubs (499.84 kgs)


Now available with Garlic to deter flies on request


 Bio Hi-mag Mineral Blocks

For Organic Farmers


Complementary Mineral Lick for cattle & sheep,  

Soil Association license No P5273.OrganicCertification UK 5


 for further details contact by email or phone


E-mail for more details



Give your calves the best start in life with ECR Paste



      Easy to use 1 dose syringe



No cross contamination



Cost effective


Now £7.00 per tube

                                                  Minimum order 10 tubes





Multiboost Yeast combines an extremely high energy value with carefully selected supplementary protein to ensure the animals ability to lay down lean meat is not compromised by the additional energy supplied by Multiboost Yeast


The ingredients are selected from products arising from the processing of  oilseeds and European cereals with the main energy boost coming from a protected source of palm oil fatty acids. It meets both the demands of high merit livestock and UK market preference for beef reared on vegetarian diets.


The ingredients are blended together in an open and friable dust free meal with a pleasant aroma to which cattle are attracted.


Feeding rates are up to a maximum of 1.00kg per head per day or as advised according to diet currently being fed.


The general specification of Multiboost Yeast is :


Protein 20%  Oil  22%   Fibre  5.0%   Ash  4.0%                                                  with a metabolisable energy value of 16.50 MJ/KG DM


and Yea-sacc 1026


Multiboost Yeast is available in 25kgs bags in half or one tonne lots shrink wrapped on pallets and delivered.